[Shangrila Leisure Farm] located 250 meters above sea level in the foothills of Dayuan Mountain in Dongshan Township of Yilan County. The annual average temperature is a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius, and the climate is mild. Guests can overlook the entire Sanxing Plain sitting on the swing inside our facility ground.There are a few light trails for guests to wander around our grounds freely. Take your time and stroll about as you wish, breath-in the freshness and let go the confines of the city. There are many trees and the view is lovely here

[Alishan Forest Recreational Area] Alishan is blessed with bountiful natural resources, such as sun rise views, a sea of clouds and old forests. Especially as a popular folk song goes, Alishan has amazed people with its “lush green mountains and deep blue waters.” No matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter, visitors can expect to appreciate some of its beauty. For years, Alishan has been famous for its historical forest railway and indigenous tribes, too.


Day 1 Arrive Taoyuan Yilan
*Shangrila Leisure Farm

Day 2 Yilan Taichung
*Xinyuan Tea Fam – Ice Cream DIY
Proceed to Taichung.
*Chongshe Flower Market

Day 3 Taichung Chiayi
*Rainbow Village
Proceed to Chiayi.
*Alishan Forest Recreational Area
*Long Yun Holiday Farm

Day 4 Chiayi Hsinchu Taipei
Proceed to Hsinchu.
*Neiwan Old Street
Proceed to Taipei.
*Virgo Pineapple Cake DIY
*C.K.S. Memorial Hall

Day 5 Taipei
*Taipei Grand Mosque
*Wufenpu Complex *Rouhe Night Market
*Free & Easy back hotel at own.
(Tour Guide will guide group travel whole
day thru MRT 1 day-pass)

Day 6 Depart from Taoyuan
Proceed to Taoyuan.
Transfer to airport for departure.

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